The health and safety of our staff, customers, and community is our top priority. Read an important COVID-19 message from University Audi Lynnwood.

Our Preventative Actions in Response to COVID-19

Read About Our Prevention and Social Distancing Policies

UPDATED: June, 2021



Auto sales are permitted in the state of Washington, both online and in-store! We are taking every possible measure to ensure safety, whether you are purchasing with us in person or we are coming to your home. We do safety right, making it easy and convenient. We can bring the vehicle to you, you can buy it online, or you can come into our safe and clean dealership, preferably by appointment.

We continue to operate the sales department in a way that does not jeopardize our community's well-being.

What Does This Look Like?

  • We offer 100% no-touch vehicle drop off & pick up with no-touch electronic payment.
  • Virtual vehicle tours with a sales representative are available.
  • We are sanitizing every vehicle when entering and exiting, whether it is new, used, a loaner, or owned by the customer.
  • All customer-facing employees are wearing face masks.
  • Thorough social distancing measures have been implemented in every area of the dealership.

Schedule University Audi Lynnwood Sales Appointment:

(425) 743-7400

Sales Department Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9am - 7pm

Saturday: 10am - 6pm

Sunday:   12pm - 5pm


Service is operating Monday through Friday from 8am - 6pm.

We offer 100% no touch vehicle drop off & pick up with no touch electronic payment.

We're also offering loaner cars, as well as the option for us to pick up and drop off your vehicle, properly disinfecting both to make sure you stay safe and healthy.

Any employee that gets inside a customer or loaner vehicle wears a face mask 100% of the time they're inside the car.

Service Drive:

All customer facing employees are wearing face masks and practicing social distancing. .

Schedule University Audi Lynnwood Service Appointment:

 (425) 743-7400


Loaner vehicles are pre-sanitized and delivered with a seat cover, steering wheel cover, and gearshift cover.  All touch points are sanitized daily.  Porters wear gloves and facemasks when interacting with both customer vehicles, as well as all in-stock units. 


We are not allowing any staff member to work on our premises if they are feeling ill. Any staff member that is not feeling well is sent home immediately.

Anyone who has any form of COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) is required to report to their manager, call their physician, seek medical assistance as recommended by their physician, and not return to work until approved by their physician or fever, symptom free for a minimum of 24 hours.

All staff members are required to frequently wash their hands thoroughly, especially after each human interaction or touching potentially non-sterilized surfaces. Staff members wear disposable gloves whenever appropriate and gloves are consistently replaced after each human interaction or when going from one vehicle to the next. Everyone must avoid touching their face with their hands.

We are consistently cleaning service customer vehicles and loaner vehicles, sterilizing all frequent touch points (door handles, shift lever, knobs, and steering wheel) with disinfectant.

Staff members in all areas of the dealership are assigned to clean all human touch areas with sterilization and disinfectant products hourly. We are receiving additional cleaning/disinfecting products from our janitorial vendor.

Maintaining a very safe, clean and healthy environment to exceed all governmental requirements and recommendations remains our highest priority.


All staff and customers must constantly maintain a minimum 6-foot distance between all human beings at all times.

We have created workspaces and customer-contact areas to facilitate keeping a 6-foot distance from others. All physical contact is avoided if possible. 

We hope you and your families are safe and healthy.

Thank you from all of us at Audi Seattle & University Audi Lynnwood.

-Miles Richardson, G.M./Vice President